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    About us

    Whether you're a first-timer, experienced padel player, or looking to partner with us, please drop us a message and let us know your details. Whatever you need, we're here to assist.

    What we do

    Our aim is to make padel accessible for everyone. As well as our own operating courts, we provide court installation including permanent and Instant Padel courts as well as corporate events, team days and club coaching services

    Our Services

    Our experienced team provide a range of services.
    Court Installation
    Including permanent and semi permenent for pop up and events
    Corporate Events
    From Christmas Parties, to team culture days to hens or bucks! We can organise events to suit you
    Looking to start your own club? We can help you
    Special Events
    We can set up pickleball courts for as little as 24 hours!

    Who we are

    Established in 2018 in Edinburgh, Game4Padel has quickly grown to become the UK’s largest padel company. The company has received the support of high profile investors such as Wimbledon Champion Sir Andy Murray and Liverpool FC star Virgil Van Dijk to compliment a board with a wealth of financial and sporting administration experience.

    Game4Padel now has over 20 venues open with additional sites secured in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. We have a wide variety of operational experience, working with stakeholders from tennis clubs, Local Councils, State Government Authorities, commercial sites and joint ventures.

    In January 2022, Game4Padel commenced operation in Australia in Melbourne. As the first padel facility in the state, Game4Padel Docklands (formerly known as One Padel) has been an outstanding success, achieving high occupancy levels in an untried market from the outset and receiving positive feedback from our key stakeholders at Development Victoria and the City of Melbourne.

    In January 2023, Game4Padel Docklands proudly hosted the inaugural Australian Padel Open, the first padel tournament ever held in conjunction with a Grand Slam tennis event.

    Our values

    Always welcome. Everybody. Always.

    Strive for Quality. We’re always improving. By listening to our community and always being open to learn, we seek to better ourselves constantly.

    Share our passion. We love our sport and want everybody who comes into our clubs to have the opportunity to feel the same.

    Be a good neighbour. We give back to the communities we operate in.

    Embrace the challenge. We push ourselves to succeed and have each other’s backs when we don’t.

    How to play?

    Padel is a racket sport that combines elements of tennis and squash.

    It’s played on an enclosed court with a net and using a small carbon racquet, padel is quick and easy to play with rallies lasting longer than usual tennis points.


    Same scoring as tennis (15-30-40). Normal deuce at 40-40.

    However, the pros play a deciding point (“El punto del Oro”) Best of 3 sets. One set is up to 6 games. Tie break to 7 points at 6-6 in a set.


    Serve diagonally standing behind service line. Two serves as in tennis.

    The server must first bounce the ball, then hit it below waist level, keeping at least one foot on the ground when hitting the serve. Feet may not touch/cross the service line while serving.
    If the ball hits the net and bounces in the box it’s a let unless it touches the wire mesh fencing before the 2nd bounce.


    The ball must first bounce on the ground on the opponent’s side before hitting a wall. Players may volley instead of letting it bounce (except service return).

    Players may hit the ball after it has bounced on mesh or glass (on their side) to send it back over the net. Players may also hit the ball against glass (side or back wall) on their side in order to return the ball. They may not hit the ball against mesh on their side.
    As in tennis, the ball may only bounce once on your side, and it may only be hit once.

    Meet the team

    Padel players come from very different backgrounds and so does our team in Australia. Our passion, expertise and enthusiasm are key to reaching our goals and our players.
    Matt Levey
    Matt Levey
    Chief Executive Officer - G4P Australia & New Zealand
    Matt was a former tennis player and Club Professional Coach who founded Straightline Carpentry which he has operated for the past 15 years. Matt applies his extensive construction and sporting knowledge to building state-of-the-art padel courts.
    Cory Jimmieson
    Cory Jimmieson
    Commercial Director - G4P Australia & New Zealand
    Following an international corporate career in advertising, Cory founded BJBAC Hospitality Groups, which now owns and operates several hospitality venues across Melbourne. In 2021 Cory founded ONE Padel in Australia, which later partnered with Game4Padel.
    Rob Daley
    Rob Daley
    Operations Director - G4P Australia & New Zealand
    Rob is an experienced tennis coach that has gone on to manage some of Australia’s largest tennis clubs and aquatic and recreation facilities with the YMCA. Rob currently represents Australia in their Senior Men’s Padel team.
    Allison Gosney
    Allison Gosney
    Marketing, Partnerships & Sponsorship Manager
    Allison is an experienced marketing manager who has extensive experience working as a Brand & Marketing Manager for some of Australia’s most iconic wine and spirit brands. Allison excels at developing brand relationships and is proudly driving awareness for Game4Padel through partnerships and sponsorships.
    Tony Joubert
    Tony Joubert
    Tony founded

    Our partners

    Game4Padel Australia & NZ proudly partners with these organisations.

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