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padel ball padel
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    Welcome to your new favourite sport!

    Come and play padel, the world's fastest growing sport. Check out our court locations, membership and coaching information.


    Game4Padel Docklands

    Shed 21 Docklands
    5 padel and 4 pickleball courts located on the Yarra River with stunning views of the city, Game4Padel Docklands played host to the inaugural 2023 Australian Padel Open.

    Game4Padel Richmond

    Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre, River Blvd, Richmond VIC 3121
    2 Padel and 3 Pickleball courts within the Victoria Gardens centre.

    New to padel?

    Welcome to your new favourite pastime! The fastest growing sport around the globe, Padel is a high-energy game that combines the best elements of other racquet sports like tennis, squash and badminton for a game like no other. Easy to pick up, fun to play, and challenging to master - padel is simply addictive!

    How to play

    Played in groups of 4 on an enclosed court with glass walls and a net using a small carbon racquet, padel is quick and easy to play with rallies lasting longer than usual tennis points.

    Learn more about rules
    Tennis scoring
    Familiar and simple
    Underarm serve
    Easy to play for all age groups
    Play off walls
    Fun & challenging
    “Padel is one of the fastest emerging racket sports in the world right now, and it’s really exciting to be involved in an organisation like Game4Padel, who are experts in their field and have sports growth and longevity at the heart of their business.”
    Sir Andy Murray
    Investor and Ambassador
     Sir Andy Murray
    "I love padel because it's more forgiving than tennis, so I can play with friends and it's still competitive and fun."
    Elise Kellond-Knight
    Matilda and Aussie Champion
    Elise Kellond-Knight
    "Padel is the best. I'm absolutely addicted and there's no better place to play than at Game4Padel."
    Archie Thompson
    Socceroo and all around legend
    Archie Thompson

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